Community Engagement


"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
World Commission on Environment and Development report to UN

Rio Tinto believe that our Gladstone operations, Yarwun, BSL  and QAL, can make an important contribution to the sustainable development of the Gladstone region. Our diverse communities work gives us the opportunity to bring positive, long-term benefits to the Gladstone region. You can read our communities policy here.

A key focus of our work is making Gladstone a great place for our employees to live and grow with their families. This starts in addressing the primary areas of need such as health and childcare. Investing in these core areas improves retention, which attracts high-calibre employees and decreases our operating costs. Ultimately, it allows us to deliver better returns for our shareholders Rio Tinto and Rusal.

Community engagement

To achieve our vision of being the local communities industry partner of choice we recognise that we must build enduring relationships with our stakeholders that are characterised by mutual respect, active partnership and long term commitment. Good management of community relationships is as necessary to our business as the management of our operations.

Mutual respect depends on our understanding of the issues that are important to our community and our community understanding what is important to us. Our communities and environment work is closely coordinated and takes into account of peoples’ perceptions of the effects and consequences of our activities.

We understand that, to achieve our vision, effective communication, consultation and engagement with our stakeholders must be part of the way we work. We will consult with any individuals, organisations and groups that are affected or interested in our business activities. We have an real-time online community system (ROCS)at QAL that helps drive better communication within our impact area.

To ensure we engage our stakeholders effectively we actively listen to any concerns or suggestions and consider ways in which we can drive continuous improvement in what we do. Proactive engagement does not mean we will necessarily always agree to everything but it does involve a considered approach and response that takes concerns of our stakeholders on board.