Here for Business

Business Coaching & No Interest Loans for new and established businesses in Gladstone.

Welcome to Here for Business.  If you've  always wanted to go into business for yourself, or if you're an existing Gladstone business looking to open up new markets, you've come to the right place. 

The Rio Tinto Community Fund Committee has assembled a team of business coaches and mentors to help budding entrepreneurs refine their business plan, and to work with them in the establishment phase of their business. The Fund is also offering zero interest loans for successful applicants.

If business coaching and access to capital are a barrier for your new Gladstone business venture, we're here to help.


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A business plan is required before submitting your application

It is suggested your business venture include a detailed business plan to ensure all involved understand the goals and positioning of your business. Please return and apply once you’ve compiled a business plan.

To help guide you in putting together a business plan the below video indroduces the through process behind starting a business