2015 B.Ed (Early Childhood) Scholarship at CQU

The National Quality Framework legislation that comes into effect in 2012 stipulates minimum qualification requirements for the childcare industry. This now includes the need for a greater number of educators to have a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). This change means we need to start training local Gladstone people now to help meet future demand. As such, one full tertiary scholarship will be offered to a Gladstone resident each year for the next three years (2013, 2014 & 2015).

What is the qualification?

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood): This programme is designed for those who aim to pursue a career as an early childhood teacher. Graduates will be qualified to teach in kindergarten, preparatory classrooms or primary schools from years one to six, work in childcare centres and become directors of childcare centres. This programme normally takes four years of full time study to complete, but can be fast tracked to three years.


The 2015 B.Ed (Early Childhood) SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION
HAS NOW CLOSED. Three B.Ed (Early Childhood) scholarships have now been funded and this concludes the scholarship programme.

To qualify for the scholarship applicants must:

  1. Commit to a ‘full time’* course load, starting in 2015 and have completed Term One 2015 as a new CQU B.Ed (Early Childhood) student or be currently studying to successfully complete the Diploma of Children's Services at CQU by December 2015 and ready to enter 2nd year of the B.Ed (Early Childhood) in 2016.
  2. Be a resident of Gladstone.
  3. Commit to eight (8) hours per week# of employment at a long day care ‘sponsor’ centre in Gladstone/Boyne/Tannum/Calliope. This can be set up once successful.
  4. Study through CQ University
  5. Complete the Bachelor by December 2019.


*You will be required to undertake minimum of three courses per term in order to complete the B.Ed by December 2019.

  • This is approximately 12 hours per week per course = 36 contact hours per week + the 8 contact hours per week at a qualifying childcare Centre

  • This load will vary from term to term, however the recipient must be able to carry up to three courses in one term.

  • This guarantees that the maximum term of the qualification is no more than five (5) years.

  • The final decision will be made by the Rio Tinto Community Fund Board and any further correspondence will not be entered into. All terms and conditions are outlined in the Application document.

# Exceptions may be required over ‘prac’ placement times, this is to be approved by the Community Fund Board Executive Officer and the sponsoring childcare centre.The sponsor centre can be organised once the recipient is successful in accepting a scholarship.



March 2015 Term One begins. Scholarship advertised. Available to all new 1st & 2nd year students (2nd year students will have started at CQU in 2015 having been RPL'd first year for previous study).
June 11-19 Term One exams take place
July 10 Term One results posted

July 13 – 27.

July 27

Applications OPEN for scholarship, applicants to provide resume, application form and Term One results.

DEADLINE for scholarship applications - 5pm. Email only.

July 30 Shortlisted applicants present to the Rio Tinto Community Fund Board for review & decision. Term One fees (*)reimbursed to successful candidate.


* For the successful candidate if having just completed Term One of the B.Ed (Early Childhood) in 2015

For any further queries, please contact the Here for Childcare Coordinator