Since February 2013, Rio Tinto has facilitated a committee of local health services and community leaders to identify opportunities to improve health services in Gladstone.

The committee's One Gladstone Health Plan focuses on the priorities of recruitment and retention of medical service providers, improving collaboration between local health care service providers, addressing mental health needs and developing the new emergency department in 2017.

By delivering on these objectives, the Here for Health partnership will achieve its vision to have a best practice model of health service in Gladstone that meets the needs of the community. The committee is well positioned to continue driving improvements in local health services for the Gladstone community.

One Gladstone Health Plan Tracker

Updated 8 December 2016
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Recruitment and retention

To continue to recruit medical service providers to the Gladstone region, with a strategy for retention, succession planning and sustainability for this workforce.

  •   General medicine
  •   General surgery
  •   Anaesthetics/HDU
  •   Orthopaedics
  •   Obstetrics/new born
  •   Paediatrics

Next Steps

Continue with recruitment already underway
Ensure on-boarding plan is in place for integration

Collaborative services model

Enhance collaborative services model for improved integration and coordination of health care services for the community.

  •   Public- private shared services model

Next Steps

Developing framework for public-private shared services, including gaps in current services

Mental health

To establish an integrated and sustainable service that adequately meets the mental health needs of the community.

  •   Effective system that links stakeholders for service provision

Next Steps

Undertake baseline research into barriers to mental health services

New hospital development

To capitalise on current developments to ensure a collaborative and integrated plan for the facility to meet community need and avoid duplication between the hospitals.

  •   Emergency department building plans

Next Steps

Finalise plans and develop business case